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Luisa Tona, a 24-year old contemporary UK Urban Artist/Songwriter, specialising in UK RNB, Electronic Soul & LoFi Neo Soul. Luisa launched her career in music from a young age by both singing and performing. With the ability to use computers at just 10 years old, and just when certain social media platforms including YouTube became popular, Luisa quickly mastered these platforms to access a wide variety of music and karaoke singalong videos as her favourite pastime. 

All through Secondary School, Luisa would enthusiastically participate in a huge number and variety of musical activities, including quarterly talent and school X Factor shows. Even at this stage, and clear for all to hear, artists including Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, and JoJo had inspired and influenced Luisa’s amazing rich tone.

After completing A-Levels, Luisa attended University still holding a great desire to continue singing at every opportunity in her spare time, and with huge family and friends encouragement and support, she started to post covers online while studying for her degree.

Luisa’s Soundcloud was born, sharing many covers from A-List stars throughout her time at University, which led to her own YouTube channel in her final year where she uploaded not only her covers but also new songs she had started to write herself.

To date (April 2021) Luisa has already achieved over 43,000 Soundcloud plays, over 21,000 YouTube views, and has more than 7,400 Instagram followers. Her fanbase continues to grow from all around the world, as more and more listeners take to her charm, natural sophistication, beauty, and world-class tone already fit for any international stage.

The past year has allowed Luisa the opportunity to focus closely on her passion for songwriting, which has now resulted in a stunning Debut single ‘Confidence’. With a smooth R&B vibe many of her followers love, ‘Confidence’ has already achieved radio airplay on Croydon FM.

Luisa’s second single ‘Take It or Leave It’ was released in October 2020. This is an energetic vibrant must listen to dance track, which has certainly proved she holds a natural gift for also creating dance floor tracks of the future. Now, Luisa has  three superb tracks already in her armoury and a Management Team fully behind her. Luisa is fired up, dedicated, focused on her first EP and already collaborating with a number of producers to showcase her writing, soulful tangents, and passionate husky tone....of which she is truly gifted to possess.


    • 23 year old singer-songwriter from South East London
    • 42,000+ Soundcloud plays (@luisatonamusic)
    • 17,000+ YouTube views (@luisatona)
    • 5,000+ Instagram followers (@luisatonamusic)
    • Luisa's single 'Confidence' has had radio play on Croydon FM